Ko Taranaki te mounga

Ko Te Atiawa ahau


Hi, I'm Krystle - Sacred sister, mother, healer, light and shadow worker, intuitive, spiritual gifts and purpose guide, mentor and Soul Coach. I have walked a spiritual path since I was a teenager. Now as a woman, I have found what truly resonates in my soul. I hold sacred space for women to release fear, anxiety, hurt, expectations, judgements, criticism, worry, pressure, stress, self-doubt, discouragement, trauma, confusion, uncertainty, toxic self talk, and low vibrational energy which is the root cause of pain, self-sabotaging behaviours, success blockers, and unresourceful ways of being, to allow for healing, self-love, acceptance, spiritual growth, personal growth, purpose, fulfillment, connection, rejuvenation, vision, empowerment and the gifts to create the highest expression of one's self and life.

This is my soul's calling and purpose to which I am fully committed.

In support of my mission, I am a qualified Breakthrough and Abundance coach trained with New Zealand Life Coaching.

Cert. Breakthrough Life Coaching
Cert. Abundance Coaching
Dip. Business and Fitness
Dip. Christian Ministry